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Leftover candy? Here is what you can do with them.

I know it sounds impossible but hear me out. There are some occasions (holidays?) where we think we need more chocolate, Snickers, Mars, Bounty or any other chocolate bar ,than we actually need.

So we end up buying 10 bags of those mini chocolate bars, because they are so tiny and you can eat like 10 of them and still feel hungry. And hey, if there are leftovers you will have enough till the end of this year. Even if we can eat them just as they are, this is also the perfect opportunity to experiment on the dessert departement. So let's begin. I will list 5 recipes I found on my favourite blogs or Pinterest that incorporate these delicious little treats.

There you have it a couple of new ways to use these treats in desserts. Don't forget to show some love to the bloggers who made these recipes and do tell me if you have and amazing way to use chocolate bars.

Xxx- Sarah

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