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No Bake Strawberry Dessert

Fast, Easy and De-Freaking-licious. That's literally the description for this amazing No Bake trifle. I got the idea for this trifle through one of Laura Vitale's YouTube video's. She made this amazing No Bake eclairs trifle and I loved it. The only problem was that not everyone in my house is fond of that much chocolate. I know Weird right. Like doesn't like chocolate smothered everything. But I had to change the recipe a bit so I decided to make a fruity version of her recipe. You can literally use any fruit you want and thats in season. I chose strawberries because i found them cheap in the supermarket. So play around with the recipe and tell me what you decided to add to it. And if you're not changing the recipe tell me what you think about it. Watch the video below for a step by step explanation.


  • Fresh strawberries

  • Digestive biscuits

  • Instant pudding

  • Whipped cream (slightly sweetened)


  • Half the strawberries.

  • Keep some strawberries and biscuits apart for decoration.

  • Follow the directions of the instant pudding.

  • Sweeten and whip the double cream.

  • After the pudding has set according the instructions, star mixing it with the cream gently so you wont loose al the air.

  • Get a deep dish and start layering the ingredients. Start with some of the pudding, then the strawberries and the biscuits. Keep repeating until you've reached the top.

  • Decorate the top with the leftover halved strawberries and crush some of the biscuits that you put aside.

  • Let the trifle set for a couple of hours so the biscuit softens and turns cake-like.

  • Like I said you can replace the strawberries with some other fruit like: tangerines, forest fruit, bananas with caramel, etc.

Try it! You will literally make this for every occasion, especially when there are unannounced guests. Till next time!

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