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What to do with leftover sauces?

Especially on holidays we cook so much food because we're afraid someone is going to starve to death or that there simply isn't enough. So we tend to cook too much food. Most of the things we eat or give away. But some thing like sauces tend to be thrown away if they are leftover. So in the spirit of reducing food waste I searched the interweb, my favourite bloggers and Pinterest for some creative ideas to use up those leftover sauces.

Leftover Pasta Sauce

These are a couple recipes you can use your leftover sauce and veggies for. So just skip the sauce making step and you're good to go.

Leftover Cranberry Sauce

There you go a couple of new recipes to try out. I hope you guys try them out and give some love to the creators of these recipes.

XXX- Sarah

I hope yi

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