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What to do with leftover vegetables?

Now don't get me wrong eating vegetables just like that after a holiday dinner is absolutely fine. But if there are still leftover on the third day it can get pretty boring real quick. So I'm just going to give you a couple of suggestions on what you can do with all those leftover veggies cooked or raw.

1. Make a pickle

Now this is mostly for vegetables that are still raw. sometimes we overestimate the amount we actually need for a dinner or we just bulk up because it was on sale. Either way you have too many vegetables on hand and you need to use them up or they go bad. So lets make a pickle! Not only is it delicious and spices up your meal but it is also really good for your gut system. So let's pickle up :P

2. Put some heat underneath that wok

So the easy way out when you have leftover veggies (cooked or raw) is to stir fry it. In just a few minutes you can have a delicious meal on the table. So no takeout and no food waste!

3. Ratatouille is the way to go

Just like the animation I cut up my raw veggies thinly and layer them up nicely in a baking tray. Cover them with tomato sauce and lots of garlic and herbs and you will have an amazing vegetable dish. Pair it with some grilled chicken, meat, fish or just leave like that. If you opt for the vegetarian way you can easily serve it with some cooked rice or pasta.

4. Saucy

This trick I usually do when I have some leftover cooked vegetables. The thing is I'm not always in the mood for veggies but it's so important to get your daily amount of vegetables and fruit. So I use it as a pasta sauce! You can decide to blend it up or just add some Passata to your cooked veggies. You can also eat it with rice. instead of Passata I sometimes use curry paste to flavour the whole.

5. Layer it up

And to link it to tip number 4 on how to use leftover veggies, is to make a lasagna with it. You can slice raw veggies thinly and layer it with some lasagna sheets or use the cooked veggies in a bolognese sauce to make it flavourful. Add an salad on the side and you will have a lovely meal.

It's up to you how you use your leftover vegetables, these are just my ways of using them up. Because preventing food waste is just one step in making the world a better place. I hope you liked these tips. If you have other ways I can use to reduce food waste, feel free to comment your suggestions down below.

Xxx- Sarah

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